Through a national network of affiliated consulting specialists, we offer a full range of consulting services that help clients improve their performance, including:

  • Decision support - provide reliable counsel on big decisions;
  • Fiscal renewal - formulate specific measures to balance operating budgets, improve bottom lines and restore fiscal health;
  • Operations revamp - analyze programmatic and operational performance and recommend actions that will measurably improve operational performance;
  • Enterprise reform - analyze mergers, manage major initiatives and recommend feasible ways to restructure or transform organizations; and
  • Project control - plan, manage and monitor complex initiatives on time and on budget

In addition, we can assess long-range agency plans, study regional competitiveness, review infrastructure financing needs, manage government efficiency commissions and coordinate legislative oversight activities.  


We also offer management consulting services to selected nonprofits, such as non-partisan charitable entities and civic advocacy groups.  These services include the following:

  • Nonprofit strategy - strategic planning, performance measurement and agenda development services for helping nonprofit boards and executives succeed;
  • Nonprofit collaboration - assessing the feasibility of consolidating mission-aligned entities or helping clients implement a merger, partnership or other joint venture; and
  • Nonprofit management - interim management and ongoing business incubator services (e.g., finance, fund-raising, accounting, website management, personnel management, contract management and purchasing).

Each of these services is designed to help our clients solve tough problems, and navigate significant organizational and operational developments and uncertainties.

  • Decision Support

    Objective counsel for clients about to launch a major new program, facility or initiative or assess the feasibility of embarking on such an initiative.    

    • Strategic & business planning
    • Feasibility & cost-benefit analysis
    • Legislative & regulatory analysis
    • Policy analysis & formulation
    • Vendor selection & outsourcing support
  • Fiscal Renewal

    Structured programs for helping clients improve their bottom lines, restore their fiscal health, enact new fiscal policies and ensure their future viability.
    • Financial planning & forecasting
    • Revenue, tax & fee analysis & control
    • Cost analysis, cutting & management
    • Debt analysis & management
  • Operations Revamp

    Though performance audits and management reviews using proven checklists and practice aids for clients in pursuit of excellence.

    • Baseline & performance trend analysis
    • Benchmarking & best practice scans
    • Organizational development
    • Business process reengineering
  • Enterprise Reform

    Focused planning and support service to help new or distressed clients transform their organizations dramatic changes in the way they govern, structure programs or deliver services

    • Turnaround & interim management
    • Rightsizing & resource redeployment
    • Merger analysis & planning
    • Civil service & regulatory reform
    • Legislative bill analysis & drafting
  • Project Control

    Diligent, hands-on and result-oriented aid for clients eager to complete a project on time and on budget—and attain real, measurable results.

    • Work planning, scheduling & monitoring
    • Contract negotiation & oversight
    • Capital project planning & tracking
    • Audit response & implementation
  • Decision Support
  • Fiscal Renewal
  • Operations Revamp
  • Enterprise Reform
  • Project Control