Guiding Principles

Our driving ambition is to improve client efficiency and effectiveness, and to ensure their future viability.  Freed from the distractions that sway so many firms, such as growth and overhead, we focus on one overriding goal, making civic institutions better.  


  • Honesty - We tell clients what they need to hear, no matter how painful.  One cannot choose the right path without first understanding the constraints of the current path.
  • Creativity - Creative solutions, which come from planning, diligence and experience, and challenging clients, form the intersection of good government and good politics.
  • Responsiveness - A national network of consultants, coupled with frequent, candid communication, ensures timely and responsive service.
  • Reliability - It is easy to talk about client commitment, but no one can rival our record of dependability, discretion and loyalty.  We do what we say we will do.
  • Affordability - We do everything we can to keep our costs low, billing only for actual time and expenses, and only those expenses that are absolutely necessary.  

Instead of consulting clichés, canned solutions and conventional methods, we offer candor, innovation and measurable results.  We treat very project as a defining moment, a portal to the client's better future.