Civic Pointe Group offers a full range of innovative management tools and services to state and local governments, and nonprofits. Its mission is to help public and nonprofit sector entities improve their operations, and outperform their peers.  Everything we do reflects a passion to make our clients more effective, efficient and accountable. 

article-our-visionFor every project, we give clients more than a glossy report and final bill—we provide results.  The full value of our services—balanced revenues, lower costs, higher productivity and better services—can only be realized when the ideas are implemented. Our whole approach, from management review checklists to project management methodologies, is designed to achieve this goal. 

We assure our clients of great value - outstanding results at a reasonable cost.  How?  There are several reasons, including:

1. Objectivity - We are fiercely independent. We tell our clients what they need to know, not what they want to hear. We don’t change findings to get re-hired. In fact, we judge success not on repeat business, but on our ability to make clients better.

2. Focus - Our commitment is single-minded and unwavering. We don’t serve the public and nonprofit sectors as an afterthought or as a way to keep our staff busy during off-peak times. We assign senior professionals to public and nonprofit clients because that is their expertise and passion.

3. Familiarity - We get to know our clients first hand.  Like other national firms, we can marshal diverse resources to meet client needs. But, as a small firm, we take on only those projects where we can immerse ourselves in each client’s operating environment and make it better. 

4. Feasibility - We provide pragmatic, actionable recommendations for improving clients, now and in the long run. And, barring unforeseen circumstances, we complete projects on time and budget.